About Time for Dezzerts, Inc. 


You deserve a cake that you have always dreamed of.  The cakes I make for you can be unique and personalized for you and your special day. They can be elegant, personalized, or simply beautiful.  They can be fun and outside the realm of the the average styled cakes that no one is expecting.   I love to meet with my clients one on one to listen and understand what their dream is and how I can incorporate their thoughts into a beautifully designed cake.  The possibilities are limitless.

 Your cake is not just a cake.  It is a statement and a piece of art that brings everyone together to celebrate you.  I believe that you should have a cake that is solely designed to your particular vision and dreams. Who doesn’t like cake?

 Time for Dezzerts, Inc. is owned and operated by cake artist/designer Beth A. Carter in Aurora, Colorado.   Beth has a talent for designing a very detailed, beautiful cake that appeals not only to your visual sensation, but to your taste senses we well.    Time for Dezzerts Inc.’s  cakes combine uniquely and beautifully designed cakes that actually taste really good.